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The Apartment Queen of the South holds the key to multifamily property investment success.

Brokering Peace in the Investment Realm

Apartment Queen Cathy Fontana makes apartment investing easy. In the realm of multifamily property management, she is the undisputed queen. Her specializations include:


The Apartment Queen’s Crown Jewels

Cathy earned the title of Apartment Queen of the South for her years of successful property management. She can look at a distressed property and see the frog just waiting to be turned into a prince. Her crowning achievement is being able to do the same for lackluster investment portfolios.

Your local DFW Apartment Queen’s crown jewels earned over the last 30 years include:

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Cathy Fontana has a reputation for making great things happen for property owners. Contact her today to see why she’s earned the name Apartment Queen, and grow your investment portfolio with the power of Cathy’s expertise and connections. 

With the Apartment Queen in your corner, you’ll see growth in occupancy rates, property value, and the time you have to enjoy your profitable investments. The Queen can do it all.