Request an audience with Cathy to talk real estate investment management and you’ll see that her title, “Apartment Queen,” doesn’t really describe her at all. Cathy’s plain-spoken approach to business means property owners always know exactly what their next move should be to maximize investment potential.

That’s why the Apartment Queen is revered and respected in the Metroplex and beyond.

A Property Manager and Real Estate Investment Management Partner

Cathy’s years of experience helping investors maximize their occupancy rates and property values have earned Cathy the respect and renown of local peers and clients. They may jokingly refer to Cathy as the Apartment Queen, but it’s her well-earned reputation as a solid partner for investment portfolio expansion and profitability that keeps investors coming back.

Cathy Manages Apartments, Single-Family Homes, and Any Other Property

Contact Cathy today and you’ll soon understand why she’s the original Apartment Queen of the South. No matter what type of real estate investment property you own or are looking to purchase, Cathy can provide the local and industry expertise that will help you set your property apart from the competition.

Occupancy Rates, Rents, and Increase Property Values Talk

Behind the CrownFor more than 30 years, Cathy Fontana has proven that her expertise and strategies in the field of property management, rehabilitation, and customer service are unmatched. She’s known for making properties profitable for their owners, and that’s what real estate investment management is all about.

Learn more about the comprehensive consulting and real estate investment property management services the Apartment Queen offers, and see for yourself why an audience with the Queen is always in demand.

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