Apartment management companies often jealously guard their secrets to success, but not Cathy.

The Apartment Queen of the South earned her crown by freely sharing the lessons she’s learned from more than 30 years of experience.

Her goal? A better experience for property owners, managers, and tenants.

Apartment Management Resources

You may have wondered, “Are there any apartment management companies near me that I can trust?” The answer is yes, but get to know the mission and philosophy of any management company owner before you enter a contract for management.

Cathy’s dedication to transparency and continuous improvement is apparent in the blog posts and articles she writes. She and her team understand the needs of every unique site, investor, and tenant.

Read more to learn what Cathy knows and gain valuable insight into her approach to apartment management.

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Cathy shares her decades of experience with insightful tips for apartment living, apartment investing, and of course apartment management on the Class A Management blog. She also regularly shares investment and industry forecasts, so it’s a great place for investors to keep up with what’s happening in the real estate investing world, especially in Dallas-Fort Worth.

The Apartment Queen Contributes Industry Insights

Multifamily Insiders is an online community of property management professionals who share the latest news, lessons learned, and best practices to improve industry cooperation and knowledge. Readership is limited to those who have registered on the site, but registration is free. It’s worth a read to see what Cathy wants other industry professionals to know.

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